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Hello Richie,


I wanted to thank you for yesterday. Your performances were amazing, and my guests kept saying how great they thought you were. You definitely brought the energy up of the party, and we all had fun dancing, especially towards the end. I really appreciate you taking the time to make sure the party was a success in terms of entertainment, and I hope you had fun as well.


Thanks again!



Hi Richie, 


I just wanted to thank you again for Saturday.  Everyone is still talking about how amazing you were, i'm getting so many calls, texts, emails!.  You definitely made my mom's surprise party 10000000x better than I could have ever imagined.  (i'm just glad she finally showed up LOL). 


Talk soon!!! 


Hey Richie - my absolute favorite entertainer...You did my 50th party and we never wanted to end, you did my friends backyard party, and you did my inlaws  anniversary party. Now we want to do a party...Pls tell us you are free...Having a party with you on board would be amazing. Looking forward to hearing from you,  Stu

Richie Balin!!!  The BOMB!! Yet again, another client RAVES!! Not surprised, but always amazed...U r total BANK!! 1 of a kind...

Luv u!!



EXquisite Party Design

Richie-- P.S... they said you were the hit of the party this weekend and that everyone loved you and you MADE the party. Just thought you'd like to hear the feedback :)



Entertainment Coordinator

Watched and listened to all items on web. Great talent.

I'll be getting in touch with you once I hear from a client that was looking

for entertainment in October. Your talents go way over what she was asking for, but I'll see how we can work it out!

Look forward to working with you.


Thanks again,



Event Coordinator

Hi Rich,


I am so excited to have you at my party!! You will add something special and make my party a night to remember!!  As I told you on the phone…I will leave most of the music choices to you.. I love all the songs on your website!! 

Again, thanks.. I am looking forward to working with you  and everyone having a blast!!  If you need any clarification., please contact me.



Dear Mr. Balin,


I was at The *****  bar mitzvah last weekend and saw you playing at the cocktail hour. I thought you were very, very good.  My son's bar mitzvah is Saturday September 12th. I am looking for contemporary cocktail hour music. I was wondering how much you charge? 





Hey Richie,


Well, it is less than 2 weeks until our big day.  I am so excited for you to perform at my wedding.  Should we speak to you directly about the format?  We are going away on business today until Friday but can be reachable by cell  or e-mail.


I know you will be great because Teri told me so.  I know we haven't met but I really enjoyed the chats we had.










What can I say!  Teri was right.  You were the best.  I only wish I could have sat down for 5 minutes and just absorbed the room and listened to you play.  I had so much around me that I could not concentrate on just you.  You are so talented and every one enjoyed you. You were just amazing how you intertwined your voice, musical talent and ipod music together.  The night just continually flowed.


Please if you are performing publicly someplace we would love to come watch you.  Let us know.  Also, if you EVER need a recommendation, please feel free to call.


Thanks again.


Lisa and Paul




Thanks again for your musical entertainment on Saturday.  Deb was thrilled to have live music (it certainly was getting difficult keeping you a surprise for the party).  You certainly impressed all of us there and everyone raved how talented you were.


We are certainly keeping you in mind for a party for my 40th on April 2nd.


Thanks again, Rob 

Hi Richie,I am sorry this thank you has taken so long, but I wanted to tell you how wonderful you were at Michael and Sarit's wedding last week. You were the perfect complement to our party, and it wouldn't be a *****  affair without you!! Thank you so much for being the consummate professional you are, and just for being you!!

Hi Richie!  

Thanks so much for coming down and playing for Bill's birthday last Saturaday. We

had a blast! (maybe a little too much) I hope

you had a good time. Maybe we can do that again! I'm sure there will be another party.

Again, sincere thanks for making that party a successful one. You really made th night!!!


Hi, thank you so much for the great music at

Taylor's bat mitzvah! Everyone told us how much they enjoyed you! Everything worked out great with the candle lighting and all you did. Thank you - Alicia

Hello Richie,

We met a couple of times but most recently at my friend Mia's party. I want to book you for my husband's birthday party. It's going to be a mix of family and friends. We will probably be partying all day but maybe you can come sometime in the early evening??

I just want to make sure you are available. It's probably easier to text or email me as I can't really answer the phone.

Please let me know what I need to do to book you the date with you.

My husband really enjoyed your music and entertainment and he has been taking about it since.

Hope to hear from you soon.




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