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"Richie Balin is tearin' up Rush Lounge as we speak! Hightail it on over there!!

Balin.1.Nugget copy.jpg

         "The music's the thing...

Richie Balin performs and cuts loose."

             " From New Jersey to Florida,

Richie Balin has been pleasing crowds with his

high quality show. In addition to strong vocals,

Balin plays 4 instruments."

Star Ledger Pic  copy 2_edited.jpg

        "Combined with a fantastic voice,

Richie Balin delivers keyboards, guitar and horns

in an all-in-one package. Superstar stuff." ****

Things to know about Golden Nugget's Rush Lounge

Feel the rush...this was the happening party spot with live music

every night to help keep the energy high and get the dance crowd going..."We realized we needed more energy and we evolved with

the entertainment...such as the multi-talented Richie Balin."

"He's different, he's unique and a truly great performer."

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